Anette Ejsing

Pastor  Writer  Speaker  Mentor  Photographer

Photo: Inge Gottfredsen, 2015

I currently work as an ordained parish pastor in the Danish Lutheran State Church.

My first position as a pastor was in 2013 at the Copenhagen Prisons. I still work as a mentor for prison inmates and former inmates. Partly in a paid position, partly on a volunteer basis.

I love being a pastor and I love the challenges involved in walking alongside those who desire leaving the criminal lifestyle behind.

My primary professional background is academic, in the areas of theology, philosophy and ethics. I first received my cand. theol. (M.A.) degree in Århus, Denmark, and did my Ph.d. in Chicago, USA. My academic career included seven years of teaching at the university level in the American Midwest.

I developed a deep love for America and its people, but after twelve years in the States, I returned to Denmark in 2009.

One of my greatest loves is the living word of both reading, writing and speaking.

Mornings are meant for reading good books slowly.

Longhand is my own preferred writing method because it follows the pace of reflective and meaningful thinking. It prevents me from writing too many empty words.

My next goal in life is to publish for a broader audience than academics.

If you are interested in buying one of my books, The Power of One or Theology of Anticipation, send me a note here and let me know. Each costs kr. 150,-. You can read about the books here.

Having eye-contact with my audience when I speak is a non-negotiable. Without it, I lose touch with reality, myself and others.

If you consider inviting me to give a talk, send me a note here and let us se what we can find out. I charge kr. 3.500,- for a speaking session.

Photography is my new passion and I love that too! My first real photography projects are in the making and will soon be available here. For the time being, all you can see are a few appetizers.

Recently, I moved to the countryside south of Copenhagen, Denmark. To my own surprise, I fell in love with the quiet life of being close to fields, trees, water and animals, not to mention all the sounds of nature. Rarely a day passes without a run or a long walk outside.

Above all, however, I love Christ.