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Ph.D., Chicago, USA – 2004

Cand. theol., Århus, Denmark – 1996


The Power of One: Theological Reflections on Loneliness – 2010

Theology of Anticipation: A Constructive Study of C.S. Peirce – 2006

Pastor and Mentor Positions:

Ordained Parish Pastor, Denmark – 2015-now

Mentor, Prison and Probation Service, Denmark – 2014-2017

Ordained Prison Pastor, Copenhagen – 2013-2015

Academic Positions:

Assistant Professor of Religion, Rock Island, USA – 2005-2009

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Sioux Falls, USA – 2003-2005

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theology, Valparaiso, USA – 2002-2003

Voluntary work:

Mentor for current and former inmates, Denmark – 2013-now