Anette Ejsing

Ordained Pastor - Writer - Speaker - Mentor - Amateur Photographer

Photo: Inge Gottfredsen

I currently work as an ordained pastor in the Danish Lutheran State Church.

Before that, I worked at the Copenhagen Prisons, first as an ordained Pastor, then as Clergy for juveniles. I love working with prison inmates!

My professional background is in education and research, in the areas of theology, philosophy and ethics. I first received my cand. theol. (M.A.) degree in Denmark, then my Ph.D. degree in Chicago, and then enjoyed seven years of teaching at the university level in the American Midwest. After a twelve year academic career in the States, I returned to Denmark in 2009.

I presently work on a few book manuscripts, all in Danish. 

My most recent book, The Power of One, reflects on ways we can use loneliness as a source of personal empowerment. I am convinced that loneliness is a greater taboo than money, sex, and power ever were. So, what better response than looking loneliness straight in the eye and turning it into a privilege?

My first book, Theology of Anticipation, is about the American philosopher C.S. Peirce. His thinking is so eccentric that I had to invest a few years in the fascinating universe of this brilliant man. He convinced me that our minds’ capacity to hope is much more powerful than we tend to recognize. In the language of my book, anticipation trumps optimism.

I have published in academic journals as well as other journals, and have participated in various forms of research projects. Some of my favorite academic topics are the following. Kierkegaard, Schelling and German Idealism. American Pragmatism. Philosophy of the self. Sexual ethics. Environmental ethics. Science and religion. The problem of evil. Systematic theology. The scholarship of teaching and learning. Film and philosophy. (Academic CV available upon request.)

Photography is my hobby and I love it!

I live in the countryside south of Copenhagen, Denmark, where I enjoy nature by running, biking and walking. There is no better way to clear one’s mind after a hecitc time of work. 

Above all, I love Christ.